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Happy Holy Days

From my family to yours!

From my family to yours!


Whatever, your belief system, this time of year is special. Everyone celebrates the season for different reasons and that’s okay. Different is good. Different is interesting. I love to read posts about how the season is celebrated by others. Whether it’s midnight mass, Chinese food and a movie, staying up at an all night bonfire, or exchanging gifts, it’s all good. Some people bake, others volunteer for a charity, still others work through the holidays so that their co-workers can be with family. Some people practice their beliefs actively and openly while others are private and seemingly don’t celebrate at all. It’s all good.

Regardless of what the celebrations are called, there are common threads that weave through each belief system. Things like gathering with family and friends, being kind and giving to the less fortunate, giving thanks for what life has brought us, remembering the previous year, looking forward with anticipation to the upcoming year.

I am 100% certain that I do not believe in or practice my beliefs the same way you do. That’s okay with me. I cherish the fact that we can believe as we please and celebrate our differences. So long as we don’t demand that others believe as we do, it’s all good.

Whatever you are celebrating and however you are celebrating it, I wish you well. Happiness, health and prosperity to you and your families in the upcoming new year.

Ho, Mitakuye Oyasin!


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