Every step, A prayer

The soft crunch of pine needles under foot. The smells of flowers and tree sap. A quiet breeze rustling the oak leaves. The vibrant color of the Cardinal. The crisp taste of a snow melt lake. These are the things that I grew up with. Who could experience these things and not be awe-struck by the Creator’s work.

Can the most advanced computer compare with the untapped vastness of the human mind? Can the “Mona Lisa” compare to a dew covered spiderweb in the morning? What is the New York City skyline compared to the Rocky Mountains?

The Web of Life is made up of millions of threads representing each of the animals and plants on Earth. All of mankind makes up only one thread. As in a spiderweb, no one strand is more important than any other. As one strand is damaged or destroyed the rest of the web becomes weaker. No single strand can survive on its own without the support of the other strands.

Nature is a wonderful thing. Animals that are extinct can never be replaced but other species can fill in the gaps to some extent. Burned out rainforests, polluted oceans and a damaged ozone layer could repair themselves if given a few hundred years. Yet, man continues to destroy the web that connects him to the rest of the universe.

Arrogance is THE deadly sin. Arrogance has led man to believe that because he has the ability to reason, he is better than all other creatures. It truly is a wonderful gift. However, this “wonderful” ability to reason has allowed mankind to break the laws of nature. As with any “law-breaker”, ultimately a price must be paid for actions taken outside the law. Survivors of; the Ethiopian and Irish famines, Mexico City and San Francisco earthquakes, the Black Plague of Europe; along with the souls of the people of Pompeii and Atlantis can attest to what happens when Nature gets upset and strikes back at mankind. What do you think might happen if She was to get serious about putting humans in their place? Maybe that is just what happened to Atlantis.

Humility and reverence are the keys that will open the door to mankind’s salvation. First we must realize and accept our place and responsibility in the Creator’s grand scheme. This planet would be less colorful and less interesting but, it would survive without humans. Second, we must hold in reverence all that the Creator has made. Everything has its place, from the sharks, to the trees, to the highest mountain, and back again. All were placed here by the Creator.

This planet, that we live upon, provides everything that we need. We must be careful how we walk on it. We should be thankful every minute of every day for the things that have been provided for us. Without them we would cease to exist. With this in mind, isn’t giving thanks to the Creator once a week being lazy? As a child I was taught to pray before I went to bed at night. That would be better than weekly but we could still forget something. The people of long ago understood these things. Even the most mundane daily task was done in a sacred manner. They knew that to live with Nature was the purest form of reverence. That is why they lived by these words: “Make every step a prayer”.


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