Ice out  (Image Public Domain)

Ice out (Image Public Domain)









Last weekend, snowmobile races on the lake.

This weekend the Department of Natural Resources says, “Get your ices houses of the lake NOW!”

A week of temperatures above freezing has turned the ice from white to sea green.

Ice out is coming.

A flight of Canadian geese fly overhead honking encouragement to each other as they make their long journey north to their summer breeding grounds.

Seed in the bird feeders seems to drain to empty overnight.

Fields of white turn to dull brown as snow gives way to the remains of corn stalks standing like grave stones waiting to be plowed under.

A chipmunk is busy looking for acorns that squirrels buried last fall.

The warm south wind ushers in sunshine, almost forgotten during winter’s short days.

Can Spring be that far away?


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Reality of Life

Man creates a plan…

God Laughs…

Man goes to plan “B”…

God LOL…

Man goes to super secret final Contingency Plan…


Man says, “Whatever.”

God smiles

Things happen for the best…


I think I’m going to try the Whatever path next since the plans have all gone to hell. Just kidding of course, but sometimes it does feel that way.


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New Years Eve

Yep. It's me watching you!

Yep. It’s me watching you!











It’s New Year’s Eve and I find myself sitting here thinking about 2014. I have been lax about writing on this blog during Q4. I don’t deny it. However, I have been writing. Two small projects jumped in line ahead of my WIP novel. But, progress continues.

2014 has been an unusual year for me. On one hand I feel like I’ve been busy. One the other hand, when the Domestic CEO and I sat down to write our holiday newsletter, it seemed very thin on interesting doings. Perhaps our time was spread too thin and everything just sort of smeared together. I do know we spent a lot of time at our cabin where time stands still and we watch the birds and animals go about their tasks. They always seem to be doing what is most important to them. Gather food, chase each other, feed their young, chase each other, build nests, chase each other, etc.

I have been thinking about my priorities and how I spend my time. There will be some changes for the upcoming year. However, I do not believe in resolutions so, I won’t call them that. Nevertheless, Some people will see a lot less of me in 2015 and others will see me more often. I’ll let you decide who should be happier. HINT: If you are reading this, you are part of the second group.

I have missed you all during the holidays and it will take me a while to read through you back posts. Please be patient and don’t be surprised to see my comments on a three-month old post.

For now, I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Be safe and I hope to see you here soon.


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November Update

004Okay, as promised. An update.

The final battle scene is complete. I am rolling forward toward the climax of the main plot line. At this point the words flow as I feel the end is near. I can’t wait for the main character to figure out what has really been going on. I’ve known for sometime where he was heading, but the journey has been a little surprising to me.

I’m still aiming to type ‘The End’ before December 1, 2014. We shall see. My number one test reader calls me every few days to make sure my fingers continue to hit the keys. I type slowly and sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t snap my fingers and see what’s in my head, on the screen. But…it continues to move forward and that’s the key.

For a change I have not been thinking about the revisions that are to come. I’m not thinking about scenes that need more depth. The focus is on getting what’s in my head loaded to the hard drive of my laptop where it will be safe for a time.

So, progress is being made. The ‘Good’ word count grows.


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Writing in November

Nabob and his new  girlfriend!

Nabob and his new girlfriend!









It’s Halloween. Tonight at midnight, the real crazies will come out. They will be strapped to their computers and notebooks, writing as fast as they can. Motivated by that magical number 50,000, they will band together in small groups in coffee houses and restaurants for support. They have kissed they significant others goodbye, told their friends to call them in 30 days and gone into self-imposed exile from the rest of the world. November is a crazy month for writers. NaNoWriMo!

I sat down to write a few days ago and banged out what I think will be the beginning of the climax to my WIP. When I saved the file, it dawned on me how close I am to the end. Sure, there are a few spots in the story that I need to beef up. But, the light at the end of the tunnel does not appear to be a train racing back at me.

I write slow. That’s who I am. 50,000 words in 30 days is not something I want to even try. I understand my limitations and November is the worst month of the year for me to try it. A friend of mine said it’s not the word count that matters. It’s the count of GOOD words that’s important.

So, what does all this mean? I only need a portion of the magic number to finish my WIP. Even though it’s November, the muse is knocking on the door. Nabob has settled in with his new main squeeze. And, most importantly, I want to see how this thing ends. My intention is to finish my WIP by December 1. I’m not sure what the final word count will be and frankly, I don’t care. To make sure I stay on track with this and get my blog going again I will provide weekly updates. Please feel free to give me a hard time if I drop the ball.

For those of you who will disappear tonight and return in 30 days, good luck to you. I wish you well.


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Free at Last!

“Ha, ha! I’m free at last, free at last!!!”

Free at Last!!

Free at Last!!\












“Finally! That wretched creature you call the Domestic CEO released me from my plastic coffin. Stuffed in there with effigies of witches, pumpkins and candy corn, I’ve been in mass graves with fewer occupants. I thought I was your writing partner? Huh? Wasn’t that what we agreed to?”

“Uh…yes it was but, I didn’t realize she packed you away until it was too late to come find you. Besides, I knew you’d make an appearance about this time.”

“Some friend you are! Hey, you’ve been busy. The stories coming along and I like the twist…”

“Hush, Nabob! don’t give it away.”

“Okay, okay. But look at that section in the beginning with the entire cast. Now that really needs some work. What were you thinking?”

“Well, I was trying to keep the story moving forward and kind of glossed over it. I knew I’d come back and fix it later.”

“It’s time to get it done, Writer.”

“Not quite yet, Nabob. I still need to finish the last three scenes.”

“Oh yeah. Shitty first draft and all that, right?”


So, Writer, where are you at?”

“I’m in the middle of the big fight scene where Derek and Amy are …”

“Good to be back, Writer.”

“Good to have you back, Nabob.”



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MAVEN entered orbit around Mars at 10:24 p.m.EDT Sunday, Sept 21, 2014.

MAVEN during Mars Obit Insertion - MOI Image courtesy of

Artists rendering of MAVEN after Mars Obit Insertion – MOI
Image courtesy of











After launching on Nov. 18, 2013 and a 10 month trip covering 442 million miles the MAVEN Spacecraft successfully entered its initial orbit. The trajectory calculations were so accurate the third and fourth correction maneuvers were not needed. Cheers went up from the mission support at Lockheed Martin in Littleton, Colorado when confirmation was received from MAVEN.

The MAVEN Project has taken 11 years from concept to reaching orbit. during the next six weeks, MAVEN will be maneuvered into its final orbit path. The hard part is over, but now the science begins.

Sampling the atmosphere at various altitudes around Mars,scientists at the University of Colorado and other facilities, hope to obtain a better understanding as to what happened to the martian atmosphere over time. The primary mission will take one year to complete. It will also provide better understanding of the habitability of mars with future manned missions in the 2030’s.

Congratulations, goes out to the entire MAVEN Project team for getting the bird into orbit!!!

Congrats, Pat. Thanks for the belated birthday present. :-)

See previous posts on the MAVEN Project here.


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